Monday, May 3, 2010

Revamped My Blog!

Hello! It's been a minute, hasn't it? I've been busily living my life and bettering myself. I started a few other blogs here and there but I'd type in one entry and stop. Writer's Block. Maybe those blogs were just not meant to be. Lillian, a dear friend of mine, told me recently that I have too many blogs and that I should consolidate them all in one place. DUH! Why have I never thought of this before? Why did I think that each topic or major event that I was working on in my life deserved a whole new blog? Sitting back and thinking about it, I realized that was very egotistic of me. My life isn't THAT important. So, today I figured out how to stop using unnecessary space on the World Wide Web and deleted my other blogs. From now on, everything will be written on here. All my yoga experiences, ravings, rants, new recipes, gardening tips, good news, bad news, and daily experiences will all be in one section conveniently located on Blogspot. Since all these experiences led to me being the person I am today, I have renamed my blog to, "Daily Ananda".

What does Ananda mean? Ananda (a-nan-da), or संस्कृत in Sanskrit, means bliss or utter joy. This one word could not more accurately describe my life right now. Every day I wake up and every thing that I do, every breath that I take is to get closer to that place of complete happiness. How am I able to enjoy this bliss so much? Because I can and I choose to. I've seen how dark life can get so I choose to throughly enjoy every moment of these brighter days. One year ago at this exact point in time, was probably one of the darkest moments in my life. Many dark and evil forces tried to come together to bring my husband and I down right before we got married. The wedding almost never happened. I was going through a miscarriage as well and felt my life was in shambles. Luckily, I had God, my yoga practice, and true friends that supported me and kept me lifted. God was there to keep me strong spiritually and yoga was there to strengthen me and teach me not to be a door mat. It's taught me to love myself enough to stand up to those that do me harm. Also, it taught me to love my family enough to remove certain people and situations from our lives. The wedding happened and from the moment that we both said, "I do", I vowed to never let another situation like that damage my husband and myself ever again. 

Now, almost one full year later, we couldn't be happier. We are in a state of PURE Ananda. The Uglies from our lives have been long gone. My husband and I have spent the past year getting to know each other better and traveling alone as a couple. We've been signing up for physical events that require team work and strength. This past weekend we ran the Warrior Dash which was 3.51 miles of running outdoors in mud, river, fire, and wind. Highly recommend you guys try it out next year if you can! We had so much fun and it's a total bonding experience... Another thing that happened this year is that I decided that I do not want to have children. Maybe it's due to the miscarriage that I had but man, nothing scares you into realizing how much a baby can change your life than actually having to prepare for one. I can still physically have children, I just don't want to. I realized that I am not ready nor do I want to bring a child into this failing world. There's so much that I could offer this planet, a child would only hinder and take away from that. Plus, there are plenty of others out there having kids to repopulate the world. If anything, I'll just adopt one of them that are in need :) 

Alright, so in conclusion, I'm happy. I'm well. 1 Year Anniversary coming up. I love my husband. WARRIOR DASH WAS AWESOME! and No kids for me (until further notice).

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